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Restoring more than just a reputation!

Welcome to Project Viper ...

In this blog I will attempt to record the trials and tribulations of restoring a 1964 Triumph Spitfire 4 to a condition that celebrates, and hopefully enhances the rallying heritage of ADU467B.

This car was unique in many ways. She was prepared by the Triumph Works Dept and Stirling Moss Automotive Racing Team ( S.M.A.R.T.) for Val ( "Viper") Pirie who competed in UK and International Rallies in 1964 / 65 with  very modest success.

Graham Robson, Triumph's one time Competitions Manager is in fact so critical of Val Pirie's contribution to the competitive history of small triumphs - I feel duty bound to restore not just a car but some reputation!

Many works rally Triumphs have already either been restored or have had replicas built. Whether these be Standard 10's, TR4's, 2000's, Dollies or the Wedgewood Blue GT Lemans Style other Rallying Spitfires - but non have yet tried to revive and promote the contributions to 1960's British Rallying made by women. In building this "evocation" of Val's car, I hope eventually to have a car eligible to compete in today's Historic Rally Car events. Wouldn't it be great to see such a car race again around the roads used by The RAC, Alpine and Monte Carlo Rallies!

In later posts I hope to re tell the tale of this particular car and record the details of our reconstruction. Partnering me in this project is Mark Field of Jigsaw Racing - who in addition to rebuilding and re racing the Le Mans Spitfires has also already restored ADU 7B - arguably the most successful of the small rallying Triumphs.

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