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The Heart of the Matter

Dreams have a tendency to remain just dreams until some impulse shocks them into life. There is a moment when they erupt from the corners of our minds into a stark and pulsating reality.

With Project Viper this occurred one winter's night early in 2017 when an idle internet search stumbled upon the availability of a good RHD Spitfire 4 available for restoration. ... In Germany...!

Contacting Rolf I found that although not yet sold, someone from the south of England had already made arrangements to fly and view that coming weekend. The disappointment at being beaten to what could have been a good basis for a project was sweetened just a little when I learnt that a Jigsaw Racing prepared 1296cc engine was also available with weber carbs and appropriate inlet manifolds. And so a tachycardic rhythm of emails, phone calls began - that has today resulted in shipping being arranged to return this tuned engine to the very workshop in which it was built. Late in 1965 the Triumph Works Dept experimented with switching from the 70x 1148cc engines to 1296cc tuned units. On this basis, Project Viper will have a Stage Two tuned engine similar to those available for the MKIII Spitfires of 1967.

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