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Monte Carlo Rally – Glasgow Start 2018

"On the road to Monte!"

Markus and I headed north through 2" of snow on Beattock to see the start of this years' Monte Carlo Historique & Classique 

It was also an opportunity to take ODT on her first event - given that I hope to create a tribute to JJ Thuner by morphing her into an evocation of his 1965 Monte Carlo Rally car - taking part in 2018 Monte Heritage run from the start at Paisley Abbey down to the first check point at The Auldgirth Inn, Dumfries - this was an interesting start to her new career as a road rally car.

The event has a wonderful atmosphere - and credit here to the organising committee - especially Douglas Anderson  - who ran his Herald Coupe as Car 0 - the Course Opening Car.

A father & son Polish team brought their purposefully acquired 1200 ... looked a little humble parked alongside a vintage Triumph Gloria "Monte Carlo"

360 odd miles round trip was a winter shake down that killed the overdrive and exposed the frailties of untested ignition systems when confronted by puddles of slush. Still we are part of Club Triumph - the club that does. My many thanks to Mr M my very own on board mechanic.

Here's a link to BBC Scotland's wee report :

Wishes of Good Luck to all those taking part. ... And if anyone reading fancies taking part in 2019 please get in touch !

Please click pictures for full view.

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