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GE 106046

It's strange where our love of cars takes us.
It's strange what its takes to register your mark or to define your identity!

In seeking to create an invocation - ( I hate this word - so from now on I'm going to refer to The Project Viper Car as a Replica - and leave the pedants to squabble over the exactitudes that needlessly ensue... However) ,..  In building a replica one would  like a registration plate that is similar to the car one is invoking.... The original Pirie car was sold to Peter Cox and was extensively modified by him and Richard Lloyd. She became part of the Gold Seal Racing Team's success ( more in later posts ) and ended her days a chimera of different bits - of which I believe Dave Pearson now has the surviving Glass Fibre body tub. Oh how lovely it would be to have that V5, the chassis plate, etc with which -  like some  kind of automotive stem cell technology  - one might recreate the identity of its conception! ADU467B reborn - a triumphant restoration of car ... and reputation.

An ADU ***B would be ideal - but how does one achieve such things? The DVLA's records were extensively revised in 1983 but cars not listed then may still be re-registered - provided sufficient documentary evidence can be produced using form V765.... for the time being I'm hoping to find a chassis with a verifiable identity - similar enough to do the job.

How jealous then to find the Swiss have car number plates that are "Nominative" - i.e registered to the individual - not the car. Feast your eyes on JJ Thuner in three separate Triumphs all with the same identity. And I thought I had problems!

More in later posts about this incredible driver & his regular navigator J Gretener - together they rallied triumphs - of many kinds, throughout the 1960s.

IMHO all pictures are of entries into The Rallye Monte Carlo - can you name the year and the classification? Wouldn't it be great to do such a Club Triumph Team entry in a future Monte Historique!

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