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It's The Hero Challenge this weekend - a round of the HRCR National Championship. I doubt there'll be a SpitfĂ­re. Next year maybe!

Such period photos as this I find so evocative of the thrill that classic car rallying brings.
Partly through the success that our little Triumphs had on rallies in France there seems to have been a more active cadre of amateur rally drivers on the continent than here in the UK.

Love the reset ancillary lights - I guess it was colder on night rallies then and over heating was not such a problem.
Do please comment if you can share any info about this picture.

Ever wrong slotted - but enjoyed the ride anyway? That's just what seems to be going on right now. I've somehow ended up with a car I swore I would never buy... funny how our passions have a habit of overtaking us on the verge.

So, for a short while at least Project Viper has become Project Thunder... as the car I've bought although RHD is much closer to making an evocation of JJ Thuner's 1965 Monte Carlo Rally Car than it is to becoming the Viper.

The basis for this "Project Thunder" is a very tidy MKII Green Spitfire purchased off Andy Jones from North Wales. Previously registered ADU 1D it is a car that has been worked on extensively by Mark Field from Jigsaw Racing Services. 

Triumph Spitfire MKII

Sold minus it's Lemans wheels, registration plate and attractive steering wheel it doesn't now look quite so grand - but in time I hope she'll enjoy a more active and exciting life as a tribute car to arguably the most successful Triumph Rally driver ever!

Jean Jacques Thuner - I dedicate this "endeavour" to you and your great friend and co- driver, John Gretener.